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Technical Analysis

Understanding the relationships between markets and the reasons for these relationships. We study the markets and don’t make wild guesses. Our data models are tried and tested.

Forex Analysis

Our strict and robust information analysis helps us to set up trading plans and strategies, helping us to establish the necessary mindset for profit.

Our Strategies

Patience, discipline, and preparation sets us apart from others. Our success is driven by the preparation and analysis of multiple forex indicators, signals and fundamentals.

Our Little Story

Something About Us

Xavier McAllister Holdings LTD is a private retail trading company which is involved in trading exchange markets around the world. Our headquarters are in London, but we also have growing offices in emerging markets (Nigeria & India). We trade and operate in developed and emerging markets worldwide which allows us to remain competitive and profitable in business.

Our strengths are found in working with the Brightest and the Best of resources.

Our team based approach to trading the markets enables us to play an important role in executing financial transactions while using the latest technology to meet our orders and targets.

What Sets Us Apart?

We think out of the box and go where others don't want to.

Xavier McAllister goes into emerging regions around the world looking for talent.

We look for the “Brightest and the best”, and then guide them in trading our own strategies, or welcome them to trade their own proven strategies.


Team work = Success!

“Iron Sharpens Iron”.
Our team working core values determines our success.


  • We communicate well with each other
  • We focus on goals and results
  • We all contribute our fair share
  • We have Good leadership
  • We are organised and disciplined
  • Outlook on Emerging Markets

    “Capital inflows to emerging markets can increase market liquidity, and foreign investors frequently provide pressure for reforms during a market’s early development stages. … Insufficient financial education can significantly hamper development of a country’s capital markets”

    The World Economic Forum
  • Emerging regions gradually becoming relatively mature market

    The Investment banking sector in emerging market provides a refreshing contrast. Its markets are fast growing and nearly twice as profitable as the global average. Although competition is heightening and regulation is tightening, there is still much room to grow: Africa’s retail-banking penetration stands at just 38 percent of GDP, which is half the global average for emerging markets.

    Quote: McKinsey & Company

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