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October 2021
Facebook makes the decision to change its name to Meta. In an African language, – Meta stands for “3”. Facebook’s decisions stem from an idea to have Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all come under one umbrella just like when Google decided to name its parent company Alphabet. Economically, due to how Meta is connected to...
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Sticky Post
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has a new policy agreement that has increased the number of barrels of oil its member countries and allies (OPEC+) can produce per day. So, what does this mean for oil exporters? In April 2020, OPEC+ approved an oil production cut by 10 million barrels per day...
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For many years, cryptocurrency has enjoyed investors’ approval because it is decentralized and unregulated by any government. It felt satisfying to be able to control an asset that was not subject to the whims of government policies and politics. But what has stood to be its major advantage for a long time has now also...
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