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March 2022
This website, trading and mobile device applications and all information here is intended for educational purposes only and does not give financial advice. Xavier McAllister Capital Signals is not a service to provide legal and financial advice; any information provided here is only the personal opinion of the author (not advice or financial advice in...
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When the United States warned that the chances of a Russian invasion in Ukraine were very high, most people were hopeful that it wouldn’t occur. The situation in Ukraine must have felt like a dream because no one expected President Vladimir Putin to follow through on his threats. What used to be the call for...
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The most expensive NFT in the world was priced and sold for $69.3 million. Yes, the unconventional non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be that expensive, and they are the latest entries in the world of digital art. NFTs have become popular, and now, everyone wants to sell NFTs to become rich. How do you sell an...
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