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About Us

About Xavier McAllister

Xavier McAllister Capital is a private proprietary trading firm. Our headquarters are located in London, but we also have growing offices in emerging markets (Nigeria, Ghana & India).

We trade globally and run our operation in developed and emerging markets worldwide which allows us to remain competitive and profitable in business.

Xavier McAllister seeks to capture short‐term volatility risk premium within the global equity markets while diligently monitoring risk and adhering to a strict risk management process. We invest a significant portion of our time focusing on risk management, technical analysis and fundamental analysis across our trading instruments.

Our mentoring and team approach to equities trading allows us to play an important role in executing financial transactions.


Our People

Our firm is built by  talented people who spend time performing technical analysis and financial studies of the markets. Our team includes  traders and analysts, who offer daily market insights. This allow us to make the best financial projections before making a trade.

Together, we not only work to become successful and profitable –  we also create a great company to work for.

The work of our financial analysts are second to none. By using selected financial sources and the latest technology, we are able to manage a strong portfolio of investments and trades.

This, along with a range of guides, calculators and research helps us choose the right trades,  plan for the future and successfully trade while managing risks.

Our Ethics                        Our Values

Team Players                      Comradeship
Reliability                            Attendance + Reporting
Professionalism                 High Standards of work + conduct
Responsibility                    Adhering to company policy + procedures
Loyalty                                Being committed to our success
Integrity                              Having sound judgment and dependability
Respect                               Treating people with appreciation and dignity

What we do

We specialise trading in Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Stocks.

We are privately owned and raise our  funds independently and from  private sources.

Through our trading floors, we place a high investment on our  research, trading ideas, market information and analysis. We then perform daily trades,  and manage the risk so that we are profitable.

Our research analysts analyse market sectors and company fundamentals to identify investment opportunities for the markets that we cover globally.

Our highly trained and professional team are located on trading floors in emerging regions, with direct responses to our headquarters in the Number One financial centre in the world – London.

By giving them the training, technical, financial and daily mentoring in following our proven trade strategies, our trading floor teams are able to successfully meet their targets.

Our main approach to trading is of an intraday nature whereby we managed risks on a short term basis. Some of our day trading strategies include

  • Scalping: Where we acquire and hold trades from 5 minutes to 1 Hour.
  • Range trading: Whereby we trade along support and resistance lines.
  • News Based and market opening trading: Whereby we trade breakouts and reversals.
  • High-frequency trading (HFT): Whereby we use our robots to exploit small or short-term market inefficiencies

The majority of our team members work as Day Traders,  as our proven methods have shown that this offers the best way of us managing our financial investments with an acceptable return on investment. 

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