Xavier McAllister Capital Trading
At Xavier McAllister Capital, we hire and fully fund traders that trade our funds, majorly buying and selling currencies, commodities, indexes and bitcoin share prices. Hence, whether they make profit or a loss on their actual trading, they earn a salary as a trader. This allows such traders to not risk their own funds, but...
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A company like Xavier McAllister Capital would rely on staff to trade its assets, but increasingly, automated trading robots are a focus on trading activities of the company. One of the principles and partners of the firm has been able to leverage a software development background into providing software solutions that can potentially reduce its...
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The price of crude oil affects everyone, and it is big news when oil prices rise. We live in a global world where the price of oil becomes a global issue. It’s an issue felt around the world because of the significant impact it bears on almost every aspect of our daily lives. The products...
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